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Pathways through graduate school and into careers

Author(s):Educational Testing Services & Council of Graduate Schools
Organization(s): Commission on Pathways Through Graduate School and Into Careers
Description:There are high stakes behind understanding the critical juncture between education and the U.S. workforce. The United States is generally recognized as having the most vigorous and dynamic system of graduate education in the world, but little is known at the granular level about what our graduates do, how their work life progresses, and how well the preparation they receive equips them for the careers they pursue. Pathways Through Graduate School and Into Careers tackles these questions by examining the views of groups that directly observe and experience this transitional moment — students, universities, and employers. The distinct perspectives of these groups offer an unprecedented opportunity to better understand what these important stakeholders seek, where they find success, and where their needs and goals remain unmet. The findings and recommendations presented in these pages are intended to provide a broad range of U.S. stakeholders with new pathways forward that will support the future success of the U.S. economy and its people.
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